PINK – The Movie


The title of the movie reflects it would be about feminism and a lot of brains might relate the relevance of the title to the color Pink which is often – mistakenly – attributed to the favorite color of women. However, not many would know in the western space, whenever a new born arrives, they recognize them as male or female by putting blue and pink identifiers – pink ofcourse for females. Having said that, this in no way conveys the real reason behind the title. But there is much more to the movie than just the relevance of the title.

This is an important movie about feminism, how male chauvinism has ruled the country and still do in most parts, how double standards and hypocrisy lives a comfortable life among ourselves, how we still do not want to explicitly talk about sexual content (& consent) and still apparently & consider ourselves fully aware about it where the right word to use here is delusional. The movie’s apparent best dialogue highlights the significance of NO coming from a women – that a NO should just simply be understood as No, coming from any girl – friend or wife. Better it gets inside the head of all, better it would be for all.

The movie has a lot of important messages for the society and for the parents – not that it is something revealing or the society and the people aren’t aware of – but that’s the beauty of the film. It does not go beyond realistic and practical imaginations and that makes it very believable. The accidents & the happenings are as realistic as it could be – the point here is it is very needed to have these messages put right on the face of the people very frequently for them not to forget easily considering its just a movie. Especially considering all the considerate hooplahs happened immediately after the Nirbhaya incident hasn’t brought about any significant change.

A movie is a platform where everyone in the family can come together and watch it which would make them further think about the existing traditions and whether those obsolete traditions still demand a life a not. The idea is to not restrict discussing such messages just between friend to friend or parent to relative but rather have an open discussion and stand by what is right and what is wrong.


So the movie is about 3 independent girls working in different industries in one of the safest city called Delhi. They work, earn, drink, smoke, have affairs & party. Yes, there is no need for special mentioning of these but it sure makes an interesting read when it is said about a female whereas it is absolutely normal and passable for any male – isn’t it? Good you agree – that’s called hypocrisy.

One of the party at a farmhouse with male acquaintances – a group of 3 privileged men – resulted into an unexpected accident of a girl hitting a beer bottle right through the face of a man, apparently a close relative of a politician. The after effects are troublesome and like it is said, what you become is a huge factor of how your company or the people around is/are. You don’t expect the company of a politician or his relatives to be nice minded and that exactly helped the situation worsen. Here male ego is considered to be paramount and hurting that means a crime has been committed and when that crime is of a physical nature, you know you’re in trouble.

All kinds of peacemaking acts failed and everything boiled down to a court room after both the parties filed police complaint – only after as a welcome revenge, one of the girls, the main protagonist, had been exploited by the same men, sexually.

The court room sequences are extremely powerful where the double standards of the society is very subtly exposed – that’s when you feel the realization or the shame of it. These scenes hit you hard and make you believe it to be real. As a lawyer fighting the girls’ case, Amitabh Bachchan – despite playing a confused character living confused life – alone made such a strong impact that calling it a feminist film might be considered a mistake. Even though he recites sermons more than facts, his dialogues made us to believe how the underlying theme of slut shaming, consent & societal double standards is ruining the progress of the nation by hindering development.

The movie – though not directed but looked over by the perfectionist Shoojit (Piku, Vicky Donor, Madras Café fame) has its share of flaws however the impact is of such greater magnitude that would help you forget those, including the very slow first half. The character played by Amitabh Bachchan outside the courtroom is not convincing and leave you wondering about his personal life and the sudden change that help him get out of retirement, bipolar disorder, creepy looking mask wearing uncle to effectively fighting the case. As you enter the second half and the court room, you would not come out without bowing down to the super acting by the super man Bachchan.

The girls – Tapsee, Kirti, Andrea – have been powerful in their performances. The North Eastern – as normally one would refer to the people coming out of such areas – actor has been expressive and effective.  Kirti – a famous face of many commercials and acclaimed ‘Shaitaan’ – has delivered an extremely commanding performance of a working girl managing loans, coming out of a relationship with a much elderly man to someone taking a strong stand. Tapsee, the lead protagonist, has been a known face in the various regions in the Film industry and has played her role to almost perfection. She is strong in her character, understand what is right, someone who would never succumb, who would never be dependent on others to make her living. For her to play this role would have been extremely tough and she has come out with flying colors. The best thing about the girls has been their realistic conversations and the ability to stand with what is right even though tough.

There are many moments in life which we call them as ‘Oh Shit’ moment. These are the times when you feel distraught, dejected, frustrated and helpless. But what we do at that moment counts most. This moment becomes really difficult when exit choice is easy and many take it. That is a mistake. Try to put in more effort, go forward, find a way to go forward, keep trying till there is nothing left in you – then try once more. You will relish this extra effort all your life.

As Bachchan says – Tu khud ki khoj me nikal….tu kis liye hataash hai..

Life is too short for drama – don’t like something, CHANGE it.







Kapoor & Sons Co (since 1921) – Review

Joy + Sorrow + Relationships + Fun = Family

Family = Kapoor & Sons


In one line, if it were to be summarized it would be the summation of 4 words mentioned above. We have been thinking of a family movie to be full of traditions, culture, ARRANGED marriages – Arranged in as Grand way possible, home run businesses, etc.

While grand weddings are all about the curtains, flowers, fragrances, places, food and never about the groom and the bride but that is a topic meant for some other time! Kapoor & Sons breaks all such traditions of having tradition as the mainstay of the movie.

In fact, it gives a more realistic view of a family – a lady running the house, arguments with husbands, fighting brothers, on-the-edge relationships. Add to it, a jolly and one of the funniest ever grand dad, it gives some sort of distraction and idealism yet a lifeline to a family.

It is a movie which tries to highlight many important issues –

  • How it is easy for children to move out to pursue their ambitions and make one trip an year to a vacation spot called their own home & their own parents
  • How difficult it is and it has been for all the house wives to sacrifice every of their dreams just for their husband first and then their children – and hence a bit chauvinistic title of the movie – Kapoor & SONS
  • Sensitivity of the topic of having inclination to the same gender
  • How difficult it gets for a husband and wife to stay together in spite of having issues only to set the right example for their children
  • How easy it is for men of the society to look out for something more alluring assuming a low IQ of the women making and maintaining their house
  • On a lighter note, how difficult it is for parents to give equal weightage to their 2 sons! I don’t think it is realistically possible or having probability of Pakistan beating India in a World Cup


The Hindi-speaking family is uncharacteristically for some reason based out of totally non-Hindi speaking region of Connoor in Tamil Nadu (that too since 1921!) The movie is filled with extremely strong acting skills with Rishi Kapoor being the title – holder and the main stay of the movie. He is from an army background, death lover, funny, womanizer, catchy Delhi accent and his every screen presence would give you a laugh on your face. Rajat Kapoor & Ratna Pathak Shah are seasoned actors and they have been consistently doing more than justice to their roles by showing their acting prowess and this time too they excel big time enacting a argumentative usual house hold couple !


Of the 3 young stars – they stand out based on their age, i.e. Fawad Khan, Siddharth & Alia in the order. Fawad, after his first stint in the movie Khoobsurat where he took a lot more accolades than Sonam, is in form in this craft too! This guy just continues to look good & better and more over impress with his acting skills. Fawad dominated the show as the elder son of the family. Siddharth is slowly growing to be one of the fine versatile actors in Bollywood. Alia has been in this kind of a jolly bubbly role and she does well in this men dominated movie – in terms of acting.


While the cinematography is great and apt to the family set up, Shakun has done a decent job in expressing relationships in his way. The movie moves on at a great pace without stretching a sequence or without too much of drama, a must for any family movie. Music is great in the movie and has all variants – rap, peppy, soulful & youthful. Overall, a great family cinematic experience after a long time. Coming off a big brand like Dharma Production, known director (former actor – Jaane Tu ya Jaane Naa fame) & an extremely strong and versatile strong cast will give the movie a strong start and a strong story as the backing would let the movie sail along for at least 2 weeks !

Thumbs up to the attempt and I would go for 4 out of 5 stars. Isn’t the case, but a film like this deserve a happier ending!!